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That Families May Be Blessed

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Henry B. Eyring is an amazing man.  He has been an example to me of humble faith and devotion to God and family.  He spoke at the Vatican Summit where faith leaders discussed marriage.  The points he listed at the end of what he said are possible to achieve  if two people are committed to walking together in love.  With faith in God and a commitment to one’s spouse, generations of children can be benefitted and blessed.

I am also a witness of how a single parent can press forward in faith and still influence children for good.  We still need to know how to be faithful IN family settings and, by listening to his words, we can help our children gain insight and understanding, too.  If you are one that has carried heartache and heartbreak–even from childhood–his words may help you make sense, clearly, of what was missing or what went wrong.

Let’s change the  trend of destructive thoughts, words and actions that we carry into marriage and relationships.  Henry B. Eyring suggests how it is possible.  I encourage you to listen to his words.

I’ve included the link to the text under the video.

Click here to link to the text:  Witness.  To Become as One.

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Why preserve religious freedom?

To all those who stand for defending the rights of conscience, you will find this interesting.  Dallin Oaks tells us why religious freedom is fundamental to the existence of our nation.  He gives the reasons why it is imperative that those of all faiths join in cooperative efforts to preserve religious freedom.

Note the interesting differences between freedom of worship and religious freedom.

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