The Book of Mormon and Generational Healing

I feel so happy! 

I finished  reading the Book of Mormon again.  It clearly shows the generational influence of daily choices on physical, emotional and spiritual health and happiness.

My work serves people who feel lost in a sea of uncertainty, wandering without purpose, or who feel that they have never been taught what they really need to know to sustain lasting happiness. I’m preparing to teach an inner worth class that will offer ways to elevate thought patterns, habit patterns and family patterns. My emphasis is generational healing and freedom.

I believe and know that both the Bible and the Book of Mormon testify of Jesus Christ, His mission and message. I actively study the teachings found in both books. Yesterday, I just finished reading the Book of Mormon again. The patterns of daily behavior that ripple out from belief or unbelief in Jesus Christ and His teachings in the peoples who lived anciently are very apparent. The ripple effect on generations becomes very clear.

This time in the world’s history
We are each on earth in THIS stage of life’s history. As we choose to believe and follow Jesus Christ and His teachings, we are led to embrace those principles that govern happiness in ourselves and in relationships. It leads to deliverance and freedom. When we don’t seek God’s help to change the INner man or woman, we sink into discouragement, despair, depression, and despondency. It eventually leads to oppression and destruction.

New INsights
While reading it this time, I have come to love the Book of Mormon in a new way. My thoughts were led to see, with clarity, the generational influence of daily choices on physical, emotional and spiritual health and happiness–both for individuals and families. I also saw, clearer than ever before, the vital need for record keeping as pertaining to sustaining family stability and direction. (And for those of you who know I’m an advocate for JOURNALing, you can see why this would reinforce my enthusiasm for the subject of keeping personal and family records.)
As always,
  • I love reading about the Savior’s influence on people.
  • I love taking those teachings into my heart and feeling the light of God’s love and seeing my own life change for the better.
  • I love the close relationship it allows me to experience with Him in my present moments.
  • I love the hope and encouragement I feel and the perspective I get by reading daily.
  • I love the insight it gives me about generational healing vs generational degeneration.
  • I love the uplift I get from the hope and encouragement I glean about doing my best.
  • I’m grateful to be able to feel closer to God when I read from its pages.
  • I appreciate the insight, understanding and light that is available to all of us.
For our day

This is a record that was intended to come forth in OUR day. I am grateful for the sacrifices of all those who kept the records and also for those who brought it forth for us to be able to read and learn from now.

I can’t wait to start reading The Book of Mormon all over again.
Have a happy day!
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