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Hi.  It’s Carolyn.

I’m so glad you stopped by my website.
I’m happy to tell you a little bit about myself.

I am the founder of FamilyTreeQuest and CarolynCalton.com, and CEO of Dr. Ron Newsom’s Liahona Light Institute, of which the Liahona Light Academy is it’s online extension.

This site serves as a hub to access all my programs and offerings.  I enjoy posting practical tips for TODAY’s ChangeMakers on my Healing Your Family blog, and the blog on this site is more spiritual in it’s emphasis.  On this blog, I addresses faith in God, devotion to family and loving self and others.

Now, a little more about me and how I can assist you.

I love and adore my  five children, their spouses, and my grandchildren.

I serve people with hidden heartaches and personal struggles.  Maybe that’s you.  If it is, I’m so glad you found your way to my site.  Here’s what you may want to know about me:

I stand for principle-centered living, and I respect the divine, eternal nature of the individual and family.  Although I have endured a multitude of difficulties, my faith in God is unshaken.

I’m a woman of Faith.  I don’t give up on God and His help–in spite of obstacles. I’ve dealt with lingering physical challenges and constant pain as a result of three car accidents.  I am acquainted with blighted hopes, shattered dreams and unfulfilled desires, yet I’ve learned to be happy.  Deeply, truly happy.   Thanks to God’s assistance and grace, mine has been a remarkable journey of self-rediscovery and personal triumph–a ChangeMaker’s journey that is full of many new beginnings and ongoing progress through the many ups and downs of life.

I’m committed to courageously walking TODAY’s ChangeMaker’s path–a path of Faith, Hope, Light and Love.

If you are TODAY’s ChangeMaker, too, I’ve been creating and helping create programs and messages just for you.

Through the resources available here

  • I help you rediscover and ReNEW yourself spiritually, so you can break the chains of misconceptions and falsehoods about yourself and others that drag you down and get in the way of your happiness and inner peace, so you can courageously and confidently make the difference you’re here on earth to make.
  • I teach you how to access the Liahona Light Academy, where you can rediscover your true identity and INner worth, and learn step-by-step from Dr Ron Newsom’s associates how to create safe, secure, stable relationships. Also, by JOINING THE QUEST at Family Tree Quest, you join our worldwide movement to help, not hurt, yourself and others. Upcoming programs will teach what to do to put an end to destructive thought patterns, habit patterns and family patterns in order to turn heartache to happiness and ascend from conflict to connection within yourself, your family and family lines.  You’ll learn how to stay emotionally stable and create healthy relationships in this topsy turvy world.
  • I offer natural solutions to support your body, mind and spirit while you take deliberate, practical steps forward in creating your happy, purposeful future.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey of purposefully creating positive change.  Your dedication for clearing out the weeds from your own INternal environment and the knowledge you gain and use of how to create healthy, thriving, edifying relationships will bless generations.

YOURS is the spark that ignites the light of understanding that leads to progress.

Let it begin!

(See the tabs at the top of the website to check out my blog, programs and other messages as they become available.)

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