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Full commitment to God is in my heart today.  I was very moved by this video.  I know there’s people in the world whose own lives feel like a recurring 9/11 everyday.  They suffer effects from abuse, addiction, divorce, death of a loved one and other mountainous traumas and want to be happy, whole and healed. They are the Generational ChangeMakers I seek at www.FamilyTreeQuest.com.  Watch the looks on the faces of those in this video.  Do you know someone with the same look in their eyes?  Maybe it’s you.  JOIN THE QUEST at www.familytreequest.com Help is on its way.

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Why preserve religious freedom?

To all those who stand for defending the rights of conscience, you will find this interesting.  Dallin Oaks tells us why religious freedom is fundamental to the existence of our nation.  He gives the reasons why it is imperative that those of all faiths join in cooperative efforts to preserve religious freedom.

Note the interesting differences between freedom of worship and religious freedom.

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