Today’s Ugly Duckling

When I was young, a well-meaning church leader told the young man I was dating that I was kind of like “The Ugly Duckling” of storybook fame.  I’m certain he was trying to pay me a compliment.  He remarked that I had turned into a very beautiful young woman.  I knew that is what he meant.  I hope you can understand, however, that his comment cut me straight to the heart.

Growing up was a difficult thing for me to figure out.  I didn’t feel like I “fit in”, and every girl desires to be beautiful–which I certainly did not feel.  I was awkward, gangly, and my friend’s mother even said I looked like a “toothpick” in a dress I thought was the prettiest thing I’d ever worn!  I could go on and on, but without saying more, I will simply state that “The Ugly Duckling” story has drawn my attention ever since those days.

Over the years, I have moved beyond that insecure, self-demeaning place. I’ve learned that we all gather false beliefs and self-doubts about who we REALLY are and what we came to earth to do and to give.  I have come to understand more completely who I am and recognize many of the gifts I have that contribute positively to the lives of others. Yet today, I spotted this video, by Dieter Uchdorf about Our True Identity.  He uses the story of the Ugly Duckling as an illustration.  I thought I’d post it, just in case there are those who find it’s message and meaning to be perfect timing for them.  I believe it to be a good reminder for all of us.


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2 thoughts on “Today’s Ugly Duckling

  1. A. CAIN

    Hi Carolyn,

    People, no less church people, are something else. I can remember as a child, at church, one of my Mother’s Friends saying that one of my sisters was growing up to be quite the little “piglet!” How hurtful that must have been for my sister, who was within earshot. But I also remember my Mother putting some ever so stern, but not so church-like words into that woman’s hearing, as she excused us out of “grown folks’ ” conversations.

    Point taken. Thanks for the ugly duckling reminder / swan transformation reminder!!


  2. familytreequest

    It’s good to hear from you, Amy. Thanks for sharing.
    I think it’s a wonder that any of us get through the growing up years! I can, indeed, be painful at times.

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