Welcome to my newest blog. 

I am also known as Family Tree Gal.  I love connecting the generations and providing help, hope, and keys to happiness so that people can unlock their own doors of discovery and create lasting generational change in their family lines.

I advocate finding faith, loving self and family and mindfully serving our fellowmen.  I have learned through my own experiences that answers to our seemingly most difficult dilemmas are but one Heaven’s Whisper away.

We each have innate divine gifts.  As we stay connected to our source of light and life, we can bring those gifts forward and contribute positively to our family lines and to this world.

Many of you have had harsh, abrasive, even abusive experiences that have caused you to believe that you are not safe in life’s journey.  You may have built thick walls around your heart.  I know that change is on its way for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  New light to the mind, new ideas to the spirit—all of which can be pondered quietly in the safety of your mind until the desire to burst forth into NEW life cannot be kept within those tight, constricted bounds.

 My voice is a voice of gladness and hope.  As we strive to improve our family lines, let us enjoy this journey together.

Hats off to the journey of life!

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