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Spiritual Vitality Tip. We Almost Lost Her.

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Service amid despair and Gratitude for service rendered

Remember, your choices today INfluence Generations!

I’m reflecting, with deep gratitude, on the loving service given to me and my children by MANY family members and friends during our times of deep distress last year.

My sweet youngest daughter, Marissa, was in crisis, and her oldest brother and second sister moved into quick action to get her from Arizona to Colorado. They took her directly to the hospital where I met her and stayed with her there. She was immediately placed on suicide watch.  I remember, so well,  her courage to do what it took to work through her anxiety, face her fears and to slowly, but steadily, release her depressed thoughts. Somewhere amid the gloom, she wanted to live and to create a better life–and that desire and determination won out over her despair.

We shared a room for many months, she got a job at TJ Maxx, got her Colorado license to do hair and began working as a stylist and makeup artist at a salon with the support of so many friends here in CO. She bought a little truck, and today she and her friends are moving into their own place!  Small, deliberate steps created SUCH a huge miracle in her life!

Sincere service and Gratitude for service rendered are, indeed, heavenly qualities and gifts. The feelings I feel right now touch me deeply. Helping others while having a sincere heart and real intent adds up to making a huge difference in our world.

There are still so many wonderful people in our world, including Marissa’s friends, hospital staff, counselors, and friends here in Colorado, who, through their loving support during that tumultuous time, helped to keep my daughter safe and alive. I will be forever grateful for the loving, supportive, much-needed service of those who rose to the occasion, gave of themselves, and allowed me to still have the blessing of having my youngest daughter near. AND the untold sacrifices of my sweet Lisa,  during and persisting through the months of Marissa’s recovery and continuing now are beyond measure and will be forever embedded in my heart.  Jon and Lisa opened their both their home and their hearts, and no, it wasn’t always easy.  The prayers and other enduring devotion to family shown by my other children and their spouses are also acknowledged.

The divine in me recognizes the divine in you,

INspired Action Step: Let us be grateful today for at least 3 people who have touched our lives in a meaningful way. Let us notice and be grateful every day for those people who bless us, help us and cause us to want to contribute positively to the lives of others as well.


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