Dreading the Holidays?


Are you DREADING the holidays?

There are lots of reasons that we sometimes don’t experience the joy that the lights and sounds and gatherings with friends and/or family that the holiday season can bring.  Especially for those who have experienced childhood or adult relationship trauma and distress (including divorce), memories of Christmas past can be painful.

So to all of you who are TODAY’s ChangeMakers, who are facing obstacles head-on and creating positive change anyway, please know you are not alone.

If you need a little encouragement, I like this reminder that there is present-moment help and support.  No one has gone too far or done to much that a TURN-around is not possible.  Christ’s mercy can be extended to all who will turn to Him with full purpose of heart and a sincere desire to let go of misery and embrace the LIGHT.


“[Christ’s] mercy is the mighty healer, even to the wounded innocent.” ~Boyd K Packer, 2014

HE is the mighty healer.

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