INner Worth and Positive Relationship Creation

If you have hidden heartaches and unresolved challenges, I INvite you to rediscover your INnate, INner worth while learning how to ascend from conflict to connection and from heartache to happiness within yourself and in your most meaningful relationships.

Become empowered to strengthen yourself, your family and your family lines
through the power of your positive INfluence.

  • Actually BE an INfluence for good–rather than feeling unstable and uncertain.

  • Learn what you need to know to be able to
    “Think and Act” with “Positive Intent”

    regardless of the circumstances that you encounter.

  • These are some powerful principles that govern happiness in
    yourself and in your meaningful relationships.

  • Stop making the same mistakes over and over without knowing it.

  • Build on this secure foundation.

    1- Einstein, problem, consciousness, see life anew

Yours is the spark that ignites generations of power!

I am the CEO of The Liahona Light Academy.
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