Are you seeking natural solutions to everyday challenges? Here’s MY STORY

As you know, I enjoy teaching sincere, determined, solution-seeking people, whom I call TODAY’s ChangeMakers™.  I want you to know how to fully embrace your Heritage of Wholeness and return to well-being in all areas of life.  I’d be thrilled to help you feel and look energized and happy so you can fill your most important priorities in life with stability and full purpose of heart.

Because of government and company restrictions about what can be displayed on websites in general, I am no longer allowed to mention the brand name here, but would be happy to email you the link to my company sponsored website.   If you’ll email me at the address below, I’d love to help you discover the purity, potency of the pure, high quality essential oils and oil-enhanced products that I used to create breakthroughs that did not come any other way.  Essential oils are able to influence the body to do it’s own work at a cellular level, and I innately knew my cells were in trouble.

Through my own daily experiences with essential oils, I have experienced consistent, life-enhancing results in the structure and function of my body, although I acknowledge that every individual is different,

I’d like to tell you why I came to appreciate the the brand I used over any other oils I’d tried.

After a significant 20 year decline in range-of-motion and overall well-being as a result of 3 car accidents, these pure, high-quality products helped restore my body’s ability to enable me to do my work effectively and with joy at home and in the business world.

During my 20-year decline, I had tried other brands with disappointing results.  I had been proactive in my medical care and self-care, so I thought there was no solution to improving my health beyond the state I was in. After experiencing these  pure, high grade oils on a regular basis, I “felt like me” again. I reclaimed my energy, vitality and zest for life. I regained hope for joy-filled days of purpose-filled living rather than just “getting by” and forcing myself to do the simplest of daily tasks. I was more equipped to serve others in meaningful ways. I am happy to say I am now thoroughly engaged in helping people strengthen themselves, their families and family lines on all levels- physically, in relationships and spiritually.

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