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Your positive or negative INfluence has an impact on generations. Your choices TODAY INfluence your family’s forever.

Let’s create positive change together!
Here’s what’s available and why:

We are here on earth to clear ourselves of unproductive or destructive thought patterns, habit patterns and family patterns. This benefits both ourselves and others. Your INfluence matters! It may be a catalyst for others to create more positive outcomes in their own lives, too. JOINing the FAMILY TREE QUEST at helps you stay in touch with knowing how to ReGENERATE yourself, your family and family lines.  Access my ReNEW YOU classes and Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circles which include Revitalize your INner Worth: Get out of the S.L.U.D.G.E and ReNEW YOU: Lighten Your Burdens.  Click here to see current classes and enrollment dates. Follow my blog at

We are here to be responsible FOR ourselves and TO others. Dr. Ron Newsom’s trainings light the way to your rediscovering your INner worth (true self), and he teaches you how to create safe, secure, stable relationships. Begin by accessing the FREE presentation, How To Be Of Service Without Getting Hooked. Be on the look-out for his upcoming INner worth and relationship improvement trainings.

Co-Creating your life with God’s help is the surest path to personal freedom and INner peace. Blog posts are accessed here at  Training that will provide guidance and direction will be available through joining specific ReNEW YOU Classes and Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circles.  Upcoming programs will include Spiritual Vitality: INtegrating God More Fully In Your Life (which is part of the ReNEW YOU Lighten Your Burdens class) and The Soul INtegration Bridge. (Release dates will be announced when you JOIN the QUEST at

In order to fill your highest priorities in life with full purpose of heart, your body must support the efforts of your mind. In my own proactive self-care, I choose the the least toxic, most effective products and services first. I have returned to well-being in ways beyond my imagination. Email me at to receive information about the many ways that high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils can provide natural solutions to increasing your energy, balancing and stabilizing your moods, and boosting overall immunity and health.

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Programs and Possibilities
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