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Forgiveness: Reclaimed

“There is no habit, no addiction, no rebellion, no transgression, no apostasy, no crime exempted from the promise of complete forgiveness. That is the promise of the atonement of Christ” (Boyd K. Packer, “The Brilliant Morning of Forgiveness,” Ensign, Nov. 1995, 20).


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Resurrected and Reunited

Today, as I watched the video below, I was touched by the look in Thomas’ face (near the end) while seeing the wounds in Christ’s hands from the nails driven through them—healed, but remaining as a witness that it was, indeed, Jesus Christ.

I thought that he must be thinking, “But I saw you suffer!” Suffering, then death, then resurrection—so that all the children of mankind may be resurrected and reunited with our Heavenly Father. How glorious. How amazing. How loving. How kind. Glory be to God for His sacrifice and loving kindness unto us all.

Thomas must have been astounded. Seeing Christ die then live again! It was unheard of, beyond comprehension, until the EXPERIENCE changed Thomas life through his experiential understanding.

I’ve learned that spiritual experiences are not only things you see, but witnesses to our hearts through feelings. I’ve learned through countless experiences, especially experiences with suffering, that Christ still lives and loves us all. I know that the God to which he ascended IS our Heavenly Father, and that Heavenly Father DOES hear and answer our prayers. Not only did Jesus provide the resurrection, that someday our own body can reunite with our own spirit, but I humbly and deeply appreciate the price Christ paid to make a way that we might repent of our sins (change our hearts and ways) in order to be reunited someday with Heavenly Father. It’s a great feeling to know we can qualify for blessings instead of punishments (no matter what we’ve done), through the great gift of the Atonement that Christ provides IF we will repent, humbly and sincerely, and ask for his mercy to cleanse us from our sins, so that we will no longer be spiritually separated from God, we will find peace, and comfort and HOPE.

My hope is in Christ. “He paid a price he didn’t owe because we owed a debt we could not pay.” It is in He whom I put my trust.

From the words of Thomas S. Monson: No words in Christendom mean more to me than those spoken by the angel to the weeping Mary Magdalene and the other Mary when, on the first day of the week, they approached the tomb to care for the body of their Lord. Spoke the angel: “Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen.” Our Savior lived again. The most glorious, comforting, and reassuring of all events of human history had taken place—the victory over death. The pain and agony of Gethsemane and Calvary had been wiped away. The salvation of mankind had been secured. The Fall of Adam had been reclaimed.

May this video bring you peace, understanding and reassurance. Happy Easter!

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The Pain of Judgment- Looking through windows

I loved this talk by Thomas Monson.  Criticism and harsh judgments can be like poison to our own soul and to relationships.

We should be careful about judging others, as we may be looking through our own “unclean windows.”

“There’s really no way we can know the heart, the intentions, or the circumstances of
someone who might say or do something we find reason to criticize.
Thus the commandment:  judge not.

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I Feel My Savior’s Love

I have been consoling a loved one who is going through agonizing pain. I remember the days, years ago, when my own heart was breaking. I would sit in my green rocker, and while holding my baby and rocking and rocking I would sing this song of hope, commitment and peace (click video) . I struggled to keep my perspective. It was comforting, and wisdom eventually emerged from the pain of long ago. I am grateful for the life, teachings and mission of Jesus Christ–who can set all things right, for the innocent and even for the offenders, if they call upon his name in prayer with  humility in their heart and align themselves with His teachings. Hope you enjoy the video.

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Full commitment to God is in my heart today.  I was very moved by this video.  I know there’s people in the world whose own lives feel like a recurring 9/11 everyday.  They suffer effects from abuse, addiction, divorce, death of a loved one and other mountainous traumas and want to be happy, whole and healed. They are the Generational ChangeMakers I seek at  Watch the looks on the faces of those in this video.  Do you know someone with the same look in their eyes?  Maybe it’s you.  JOIN THE QUEST at Help is on its way.

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You’re Not Alone

My heart goes out to those who are entrapped in the vicious cycles of addiction, suffering and pain.  Christ is the Master Healer.  It’s interesting to me that we try everything to get rid of the physical and emotional feelings that distrub us, yet often forget that it’s our Elder Brother, Jesus Christ (son of God the Father-our creator), who makes the way for us to be healed spiritually so that joy and happiness can once again be ours.  It’s my hope that this video reaches those who are forlorn, unhappy and seeking the way back to being whole and healed.

Thank you to Betsy Love who pointed out this video on Facebook.

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